Exposition Park extends from Exposition Circle (the intersection of Main Street, Commerce Street, Canton Street, and Exposition Avenue) to the entrance of Fair Park, boasting the world’s largest collection of Art Deco exhibit buildings, art and sculpture – historic remnants of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition. The area developed around 1890 soon after the Texas Fairgrounds (now Fair Park) east of downtown Dallas became the permanent home of the “Texas State Fair and Dallas Exposition” and Exposition Avenue was paved, creating a grand approach to the park’s entrance. From 1936 until the 1980s, the area flourished with industrial and retail. Since the ‘80s, the area has seen growth in transitioning historic industrial buildings into loft live/work spaces. Historic storefronts have been maintained and are home to small galleries, cafes and eclectic bars. Marking Exposition Park’s western boundary, Exposition Circle is flanked on the east by a memorial structure resembling an ‘80s era Stonehenge and on the south by a series of large flagpoles that have represented the six flags of Texas.

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